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Corona Virus Precaution at Sociable Pub

Sociable Pub is a Safe Spot for Food Lovers here @NewMarket, Ontario.

As the response to COVID-19 continues to evolve, The Sociable Pub continues to be at the table, working with all levels of governments to ensure the concerns of the community are being addressed, all while working with our partners and other key stakeholders to ensure our industry has access to relevant resources.


What do we do? 

  1. All staff and customers entering the restaurant are required to wear face masks.
  2. We try to ensure Proper physical distancing guidelines, while getting our guests their seats.
  3. Staff and customers are advised to sanitize their hands often, for that different sanitizing stations are made available at entrance and inside.
  4. Sanitization of all touchables after each single use is being done.
  5. Use of gloves while making deliveries is being done.
  6. Staff has been advised to stay home if anyone is unwell. And advised to come back to work only after ensuring that they don't have any COVID related issues.
  7. Do two times sanitation of dine in area i.e. One Sanitation before opening the restaurant and another when we close.